But that mac and cheese, though…

They use those big hollow spiral noodles and they throw in some green onions and some spices, then they top it with SO MUCH CHEESE. But the cheese is creamy, but stringy at the same time, and there’s just so much of it. Then they top it with some crunchies, and it’s just divine.

I might be turning into superwoman

I really think if I try hard enough and just plan, I can do this eating right thing.

You had me at “Let’s go eat somewhere…”

But, because I had a light salad for lunch, and because I behave like a cannibal right now, I was starving. And since I’ve been eating healthier and lighter over the past few day, this hunger hit me like a tsunami. I mean, I thought if I didn’t get food RIGHT THAT SECOND, I would murder the first person I saw. Why, God? Why must I be so ravenous?

Cheat days are the BEEEEEEST

Oh nooooooooooo. What have I done? Will I be able to stop again once I start? I haven’t had a dessert in a week. Will this become a deadly pattern after every meal again? Will I slip back into my sweets addiction that I’ve weened myself off of?

The eagle has landed

I did count out eleven chips (actually thirteen–one piece of a chip broke off and fell to the ground so I ate two more to make up for it. Makes perfect sense, I know,) and they were magnificent. It’s like junk food becomes crack cocaine when you can’t have it.

Let’s try this blog thing

I’ve always made fun of people who make blogs. I just thought it was another way they could get attention through social media, like a verbal selfie. Who has time for that? So let me just go on the record and say I think blogs are kinda stupid.

I think I’m a food vampire…

It’s like I’m subconsciously drawn to food without even realizing that I’m thinking about it. That sounds like such a problem.

But I didn’t eat the cheesecake…

Now, I could have chosen the big, fat soup spoon that fits way more food onto it, but I deliberately chose a regular teaspoon because it was smaller. Yes, I know I’m just amazing, thank you.

Tight skirts and thrift stores

It was perfect! But then, my stomach dropped. I have no idea what size this thing is. I mean, the waistband looks a little narrow, but it is going to be super high on the waist, right? Ugh. Here goes nothing. I’m off to the dressing room.

The weigh-in

But, you know, even if I don’t feel like I did amazing at my first week of completely changing my eating habits, I still lost two pounds. So, yay me. I deserve a cookie. Ha, just kidding (sort of.) I’m so terrible at this.