But that mac and cheese, though…

So, I haven’t posted, but I’ve done really good over the past few days. I stuck to my sandwiches, almonds, fruit, salads, and chicken and broccoli meals. The only thing I did do was eat late one night, but it was still good stuff. But last night was cheat night and… oh boy.

A group of friends of ours wanted to go out to eat, so we did, and we picked Chili’s. Now, I love Chili’s. Always have, always will. But every time I usually go, I eat everything on my plate and leave absolutely miserable. Not this time. I ordered these chicken strips that are tossed in a sweet and spicy barbecue sauce with fries and, the best part of all, their mac and cheese. If you’ve never had it, it’s glorious. They use those big hollow spiral noodles and they throw in some green onions and some spices, then they top it with SO MUCH CHEESE. But the cheese is creamy, but stringy at the same time, and there’s just so much of it. Then they top it with some crunchies, and it’s just divine. Well, last night, my mac and cheese didn’t have any crunchies and it really didn’t have many noodles in it. So after I fished out all the noodles, there was just a big glob of the cheese, which would have been fine with me, but I decided I should leave it be. But what I did have was amazing. I left like half the fries and two of the chicken strips on my plate and we didn’t order appetizers. So I was full when I left, don’t get me wrong, but not miserably so. Until…

After we ate we all decided to go to Bop’s down the road for some frozen custard (my idea.) It’s cheat meal. Go big or go home, right? I’m just terrible at this. Usually at Bop’s I get a mini concrete with Oreos and peanut butter. But one of the people with me told me that they have cobbler. Real life cobbler that you can get warm and they put your custard on top of it. So I asked the cashier what kinds they had and do you know what she told me? Blackberry cobbler. She should have just taken all my money and been done with it. Blackberry is my favorite fruit to put in desserts. It’s sweet, but tangy, it’s so good when it’s heated, it goes so well with pie crust. I LOVE BLACKBERRY COBBLER! So, of course, I get it. and I only eat about half of it (thank God.) Now, after that, I’ll admit that I did feel a little miserable. And then, it the spirit of cheat day, I had a glass of wine at home, but only the tiniest glass I think I’ve ever fixed myself. Needless to say, my stomach hated me when I woke up this morning for changing it’s diet so drastically for one meal.

But we had a lot of fun, and I’m glad I went. That’s one good thing about eating with a bunch of people. You get a little distracted talking to everyone which makes you eat slower and get full faster. So that’s cool.

Yesterday at school, we were practicing using the probe in our classmate’s mouths. This is where you take a skinny instrument and you poke it down in between their gum and their teeth to see where it attaches below the surface. It’s to test for diseases that mess with your gums and bones. Anyway, in healthy people, the probe is only supposed to go down about 1-3 millimeters. Well, it was the first time I had ever practiced this and I made my classmate’s gums bleed because I pressed too hard. It didn’t hurt her, but it bled. I guess that’s what practice is for right?

Also, I packed a salad for lunch yesterday, but some of the girls wanted to go to this gyro place instead because it was $5 salad day, so I went there instead. I got a lamb salad with feta cheese and this sauce made with greek yogurt and it was SO GOOD. Still pretty low in calories.

Alright, here’s my breakdown for yesterday. Almond and oat cereal for breakfast. Skipped snack because we were practicing in the clinic. Lamb salad for lunch. Skipped snack because I was still full from the salad. And my Chili’s splurge meal with Bop’s to top it off. Now back to the grind today. But the thing is, I don’t mind it. I actually like the way I feel when I eat right. Go figure.

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