I might be turning into superwoman

I really think I’m getting a supernatural power over food. I usually have absolutely no control over what I eat. Like, no matter how good I’m doing, I’ll always rationalize “just having a bite” of something. Like if my husband and I go to a restaurant and I order a salad but he orders a hamburger with fries, I’ll always have one of his fries. Or if we’re somewhere and there’s a plate of cookies, I’ll have one bite of a cookie, even though I do really well with everything else. And I’m especially bad at limiting my portion sizes if I’m given a big portion of something to eat. Well, yesterday, I either grew a new superpower of self-control or Jesus was deciding things for me (probably the latter.)

After church, we had a meeting for all the team leaders and they provided lunch from one of my favorite places–Newk’s. Each person got a box with a WHOLE sandwich, not the half portion, a bag of chips, and a big ole soft brownie. I mean, it was huge. Right when I opened my box I gave away my chips and brownie before I could open either of them. Then I started on the turkey sandwich. I remember thinking that it would be nice to only eat half of it, but that I would probably at least start on the second half since that was all I was eating. I put some dijon mustard and a little bit of mayo, 86’d the tomato, and went to town–slowly. It was glorious. And then, the craziest thing happened. I was looking at the second half of my sandwich, getting ready to dress it up like the first one, and I just didn’t have to have it. Part of me still wanted it, but I didn’t feel like I needed it. Weird.

And then, my husband, who I gave my brownie to, only took one bite of his own brownie and left mine sitting right in front of me, unopened. And instead of taking a bite, like I usually would, I picked it up and walked over to my friend and gave it to her. What?! This doesn’t happen! So, I walked away from that lunch, haven been given a full, 12-inch sandwich, a bag of chips, and a beautiful brownie, and only ate half of the sandwich. I was so proud!

One thing I’ve figured out about this eating right thing is that you can’t let yourself get to the point of starving in between meals. If you do, you’ll binge real hard and ruin all your hard work. So I always keep a healthy snack or two in my purse for when I get a little munchy. It’s usually almonds, or a banana or pretzels. Something around 100 calories to just hold me over. And I try to drink a lot of water to help keep my stomach full of something. I think it’s working pretty well.

And remember how I said I need some kind of hot meal to satisfy my weird, psychological craving? Well, the other day I made some chicken teriyaki with broccoli and brown rice to help with that. It’s mostly rice and broccoli with just a little diced up chicken, and it’s not the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, but it’s good. And filling. And pretty low calorie, so yay. And it only took me like 15 minutes to make, which is always a plus. I have another recipe ready to go that I’m going to make later this week. I really think if I try hard enough and just plan, I can do this eating right thing.

I skipped a day of the blog, so here’s for making up for two days. On Saturday, for breakfast I had a granola bar. Mini oranges and almonds for snack. My chicken and broccoli teriyaki for lunch. Pretzels when I got off work. On Sunday, almond and oat cereal for breakfast. Banana for snack. Half of my turkey sandwich for lunch (whoop whoop!) Cocoa almonds for snack. Chicken and broccoli teriyaki for supper. I think this next weigh in is going to be good. Now for a day off from work and school. Happy Columbus Day!

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