The weigh-in

Alright, guys. This is it. It’s what I’ve been working for over the past week. Weigh day. And…I’m down two pounds. Whoop-ti-do. But I don’t feel like I’m down two pounds. My stomach and thighs still feel the same, all of my clothes fit the same. I know, I know, you’re not really supposed to feel any different with just two pounds’ difference. But still. Every other time I’ve been losing weight, I can tell that I’m losing weight. Be patient, young grasshopper. It’s only been a week.

And it really hasn’t been that good of a week, to be honest. I went to restaurants a few times, and even though I tried to eat healthy there, I really think it’s just impossible. Unless you’re going to a super expensive, big city, all kale and quinoa place, you’re going to be getting way more calories than if you were to prepare something similar at home. I mean, even the salad I ate from a restaurant was close to 1,000 calories. FOR A SALAD. Like, what the heck? I’m also out of healthy food at my house after I eat my last portion of chicken salad today for lunch. You know what that means? Grocery store on my break today.

But, you know, even if I don’t feel like I did amazing at my first week of completely changing my eating habits, I still lost two pounds. So, yay me. I deserve a cookie. Ha, just kidding (sort of.) I’m so terrible at this. So for this next week, I’m going to try not eating at a restaurant, except on my cheat meal on Wednesday. I’m also going to get some ingredients for one or two of those low calorie recipes I found online last week to curb my “hot meal,” psychological cravings. It’s going to be a good week (I subconsciously typed “food week” and had to go back and correct it… Jesus, help me.) And this time, absolutely NO desserts (God willing.)

Yesterday I made my husband one of his favorite, easy meals. Ground beef cooked with taco seasoning and a can of mexicorn. Throw it in a casserole dish and top with this spicy shredded cheese, crescent roll dough, more cheese, then bake it for 20 minutes. I looked up the original recipe and it said that it makes six servings, and that one serving is about 450 calories, so I ate some with him. I wish I wouldn’t have. This is the kind of stuff I’m going to try to avoid this week, too. Let’s see how it goes.

Oh, I also decided to cut out alcohol. It’s just unnecessary calories that I usually drink right before bed. And even though it’s only one a night, when I even do drink it, I’m sure it’s adding up and working against my weight loss efforts. Let’s also see how that goes.

My list for yesterday. Granola bar for breakfast. Roasted almonds for snack. Some of that taco meat casserole for lunch. A mini orange and a banana for a snack. Cocoa almonds for a later snack. And at the restaurant, I tried one bite of the steak and asparagus special, and two bites of the blackened red fish, crab meat, and shrimp special. And a glass of wine before bed.

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