But I didn’t eat the cheesecake…

Working at a restaurant really does make it so difficult to ear right. I did pretty good yesterday, as you’ll see at the end of the post, but I did slip up just a little. One of the other servers had a party who had this magnificent fruit and cream pound/angel food cake from a local bakery here that is just heavenly, and they gave her a huge slice of it to take home. And, of course, she wanted to share it with all of the other servers. So here’s what I did. I got a spoon. Now, I could have chosen the big, fat soup spoon that fits way more food onto it, but I deliberately chose a regular teaspoon because it was smaller. Yes, I know I’m just amazing, thank you. And I literally had one spoon-full of the cake and immediately threw my spoon into dish so I wouldn’t be tempted for another. AND I made sure that my bite at least had a sliver of a strawberry in it. See? Not so bad….. but I do still suck at eating right. BUT, even though I gave into my weakness there, I passed up free doughnuts and free.red velvet cheesecake later on (which is my absolute favorite thing we sell at the restaurant.) And, I mean, I was super tempted. Another server purposefully sought me out and told me it was free and that I could take all I wanted because he knew how much I love it. But no says me. Small victories, right? Right. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Short post today because I’m running late. Here’s the breakdown for yesterday. Almond and oat cluster cereal for breakfast. Cocoa dusted almonds for a morning snack. Ham, swiss, olive oil mayo, creole mustard, lettuce, and whole wheat bread sandwich for lunch. And for this, I REALLY wanted to add some of my favorite chips into the mix, but I didn’t. I know, I really am just amazing. Then a banana for afternoon snack. My bite of magnificent fruit and cream cake (that I honestly don’t regret that much right now… it’s seriously the best thing I’ve ever tasted,) and a grilled chicken salad for supper. For these, I grill some chicken in advance and cut it up into little cubes, I have some mixed greens, I use some shredded mozzarella cheese, some light honey mustard dressing, a little salt and pepper (because s&p make the world go round,) and a few whole wheat crackers. Not too shabby. I’m really looking forward to Saturday when I get to weigh myself again.

OMG I ALMOST FORGOT!!! Yesterday at church, someone told my I looked like I’ve lost weight! I assured her that I definitely had not (because I just stepped on the scale the day before, remember? Not pretty.) And I really think it was because I usually wear pretty flowy, loose-fitted things to church, and yesterday my shirt was a little more fitted so you could actually see the outline of my body, but who cares. Someone thinks I look thinner, and that’s all that matter. Small victories. Yessssssssss. Ok. Thanks for listening. Or not.

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